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At The Old Mill, we love to be able to offer party menu selections of some of our most popular dishes.  We offer two kinds of menu's, the Set Down Party Menu, and our Buffet Style Party Menu. Both menu's are provided, in the links at the top and bottom of each menu page.

If you are interested in holding a party of any nature here with us, please contact us for detailed information and setup.  If you would like additional choices please don't hesitate to ask.  Special dietary and vegetarian meals are also available.

The Old Mill can accomodate parties up to 125 people during the daytime, and up to 60 in the evening. A larger party is
possible during the evening, but would require closing to the general public. Please call for details. We can also
accomodate parties of 50 or more on days we are normally closed.

Our Buffet Party Menu Includes the Following:

Minimum Of 40 Guests

The Buffet Menu Includes Tossed Salad, Rolls, Cinnamon Buns, And The Chef's Choice of Dessert

Entree's - Choose 3


*Chicken Old Mill
*Roast Turkey & Dressing
*Braised Beef
*Chicken With Cordon Bleu Sauce
*Chicken Parmesan
*Broiled Haddock
*Stuffed Haddock
*Seafood Newburg
*Greek Stuffed Sole
*Ham With Maple Pineapple Sauce
*Chicken & Bisquits
Tortellini Alfredo
*Shrimp & Penne Pasta Primevara
*Mushroom & WIld Rice Casserole
*Vegetables Mornay
*Creamy Crab, Pasta, & Cheese
*Crab Stuffed Sole
*Honey Mustard Pecan Chicken
*Zucchini Souffle
*Crunchy Baked Herb Crusted Tilapia
*Roast Pork & Dressing

Starch - Choose 1


*Seasoned Rice Pilaf
*White & Wild Rice Blend
*Mashed Potatoes
*Mashed Sweet Potatoes
*Parmesan Noodles
*Tomatoe & Herb Couscous
*Roasted Potato Wedges w/Garlic & Cheese
*Roasted Red Potatoes


Vegetables- Choose 2


*Whole Green Beans
*Candied Carrots
*Butternut Squash
*Brussel Sprouts
*Broccoli & Cauliflower Blend
*Peas & Pearl Onions


NOTE: We will need a guaranteed count, 1 week prior to your event so that we may properly plan and prepare.
If you are ordering from our sit down menu, we will need to know the number of each entree selected, and what your appetizer
or dessert choice will be. We will allow a variance of 5% from the guaranteed number, on the day of your event.
For example: If your guaranteed count is 100 and only 90 attend, you will be charged for 95.

Price Per Person is $26.50, which includes 8 % tax and 18% gratuity.
Prices subject to change without notice. 

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